Netsmartz’s World-Class Data Center for Digital Infrastructure

As the premier digital infrastructure provider, we connect places, partners, and possibilities.

Why Choose Netsmartz Data Center?


Our highly optimized supply chain expedites data center construction by acquiring equipment, generators, and building materials promptly, ensuring on-time deployments.


Netsmartz Data Centers offers comprehensive tools and support to meet your evolving data center needs, ensuring security, scalability, and connectivity without compromising on quality.


Our experienced data center professionals are dedicated to ensuring a robust security system, available 24/7 from the property perimeter to the data center floor.

About us

Empowering Digital India Through Future-Ready Data Centers: A Legacy Since 1999

Based in NY, we're a software company adhering to CMMi 3 standards. Trusted by Fortune 500 giants, mid-sized businesses, and ambitious startups, we're certified as a Great Workplace. Our commitment to employee growth ensures access to the top 3% of software talent. With our data centers, expect seamless integration of our vision and expertise to drive your success. Partner with us and simplify your journey to advanced data infrastructure.

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Grow Rapidly. Reach Reliably. Scale Efficiently

Utilize our rapidly expanding data center to enter and expand in mature and emerging markets with high performance and low latency.

Locations Ready to Go


DC Plans Ready


Load Capacity Committed (MW)



Our comprehensive data center solutions are crafted to enable your enterprise to respond dynamically to change and adjust to evolving business demands.

Customizable & scalable

Customizable and scalable solutions crafted for you and your clients. With our expertise and flexibility, we collaborate closely to ensure mutual success, extending our support to the DC operators servicing your enterprise.


Sustainability is our guiding principle, embedded in every aspect of our operations. We prioritize efficiency, waste reduction, and renewable energy solutions, setting the benchmark for responsible practices within our industry.

Secure & Reliable

Your data is everything. That’s why we spare no expense in keeping our data centers safe and secure from bad actors and extreme events. And at 99.999% always-on uptime, we make sure it’s always available to you.

Future Proof

Modern digital business creates a data explosion that can be difficult to navigate or manage. We solve this “data gravity” challenge so that your expanding data works for you, not against you.


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